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2008 Progressive Maryland Education
Fund's Legislative Scorecard

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Score Calculations
A 100 is the best possible score a lawmaker can receive on the scorecard; a 0 (zero) is the worst possible score. The top item on this year's scorecard, Senate Bill 2: Progressive Income Tax Reform, is triple-weighted due to its historic nature. The next two issues, Campaign Finance Reform and Health Care Expansion, are both double-weighted due to their systemic nature, while the other six bills are single-weighted. A plus (+) indicates a progressive position on the bill while a negative (-) indicates a special-interest position on the bill. A plus (+) is worth full credit on that bill while a negative (–) is worth zero points on that bill, and an abstention is worth half credit. Excused absences and recusals do not factor into the score; not having to vote on a bill because it does not come up for a vote in committee or on the floor ordinarily does not factor into a lawmaker's score. Points earned on all the bills together account for 80% of a lawmaker's total score and the leadership score (described below) accounts for 20%.

2008 Legislative Scorecard Vote Descriptions:

Description of Scored Legislation and “Leadership Score”

About the Progressive Maryland Education Fund
The Progressive Maryland Education Fund (PMEF) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that, among other projects, monitors and reports on public policy issues of concern to working families and how lawmakers vote on these issues.

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